Jesus, Be My Company

by Alys Keretses

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R__ I am not religious but I can recognize great music. This is a very good album. Favorite track: Commit Now All Your Griefs.
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Alys Keretses is a singer, pianist, and songwriter from Columbia, South Carolina. Upon completing studies in classical piano performance, Alys moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 2013. The first year there was one of deep anxiety, isolation, and rich healing. Holding on to the words of favorite hymns in frequent moments of need provided gratitude for their beauty and power, a desire to give them new melodies, and the inspiration to create new hymns and spiritual songs. This first collection of Alys's songs and hymn arrangements represents a season of choosing joy through sorrow, and finding restoration in worship.


released January 21, 2016

Recorded by Kenny McWilliams at Archer Avenue Studio in Columbia, SC
Piano/Vocals by Alys Keretses
Guitar by Sean Thomson
Bass by Kenny McWilliams
Drums by Scott Lyle



all rights reserved


Alys Keretses Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Awake My Soul
Awake, my soul, and with the sun
thy daily stage of duty run.
Shake off dull sloth, and joyful rise
to bring thy morning sacrifice.

Lord, I my vows to Thee renew,
disperse my sins as morning dew,
guard my first springs of thought and will,
and with Thyself my spirit fill.

Direct, control, suggest, this day,
all I design, or do, or say,
that all my powers, with all their might,
in Thy sole glory may unite.

Heav’n is, dear Lord, where’er Thou art,
oh never then from me depart.
For to my soul ’tis hell to be
but for one moment void of Thee.

Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow,
praise Him, all creatures here below,
praise Him above, ye heavenly host,
praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
Track Name: Fill Me Now
Hover over me, Holy Spirit,
bathe my trembling heart and brow.
Fill me with Thy hallowed presence,
come, oh come and fill me now.

Fill me now, fill me now,
Jesus, come and fill me now.
Fill me with Thy hallowed presence,
Come, oh come and fill me now.

Thou canst fill me, gracious Spirit,
though I cannot tell Thee how,
but I need Thee, greatly need Thee,
come, oh come and fill me now.

Fill me now, fill me now,
Jesus, come and fill me now.
Fill me with Thy hallowed presence,
Come, oh come and fill me now.

I am weakness, full of weakness,
at Thy sacred feet I bow.
Blest, divine, eternal Spirit,
fill with power, and fill me now.

Fill me now, fill me now,
Jesus, come and fill me now.
Fill me with Thy hallowed presence,
Come, oh come and fill me now.

Cleanse and comfort, bless and save me,
bathe, O bathe my heart and brow.
Thou art comforting and saving,
Thou art sweetly filling now.

Fill me now, fill me now,
Jesus, come and fill me now.
Fill me with Thy hallowed presence,
Come, oh come and fill me now.
Track Name: Isaiah 42
I am the bruised reed,
and the smoldering wick,
I am laid low.
I wait at Jesus feet
for the comfort He,
only He bestows.

I cannot rest,
all through the night I wait for peace.
I cry aloud,
admitting my need of grace.

He will not break me,
He will not quench my flame,
He will not falter,
for this He has ordained.

I am the servant you chose,
whom you love and uphold,
yet I've come undone.
Inward my thoughts turn
to my frail solutions,
control is such an illusion.

For I have seen,
I have seen and I have tasted his grace,
my sorrow He has not wasted.

I will keep you,
and I will hold your hand,
I'll lead the blind
through ways unknown,
turn darkness to light,
even in your soul.

I'll make the rough places smooth,
all these things I will do.
I will not forsake you.
Track Name: Our God, to Whom We Turn
Our God, to whom we turn,
when weary with illusion,
whose stars serenely burn,
above this earth’s confusion.
Thine is the mighty plan,
the steadfast order sure.
In which the world began,
endures, and will endure.

Thou art Thyself the truth,
though we who fain would find Thee,
have tried, with thoughts uncouth,
in feeble words to bind Thee.
It is because Thou art,
we’re driven to the quest.
Till truth from falsehood part,
our souls can find no rest.

All beauty speaks of Thee,
the mountains and the rivers,
the line of lifted sea,
where spreading moonlight quivers,
the deep-toned organ blast,
that rolls through arches dim,
hints of the music vast,
of Thine eternal hymn

Thou hidden fount of love,!
of peace, and truth, and beauty,
inspire us from above,
with joy and strength for duty.
May Thy fresh light arise,
within each clouded heart,
and give us open eyes,
to see Thee as Thou art
Track Name: Jesus, Be My Company
Jesus, be my company,
fill my house with family comfort.
Though I often rest here lonely,
Be my father, mother, sister, husband.

At my table, not a guest, Lord,
But a regular attendant.
Your place cannot be forgot, Lord,
for my heart is not independent.

Amidst this city is a wilderness,
Alive with people, dead without joy.
Oh, Jesus be my company,
And fill the aching hours with gladness.

At my table, not a guest, Lord,
Yours it is the seat of honor.
What a humble, willing, able host,
To serve and feed me with Himself.

He every satisfaction gives me,
And every hour, his peace attends me.
Let my house be no more lonely,
when Jesus is my company.
Track Name: Commit Now All Your Griefs
Commit now all your griefs,
and ways into his hands,
to his sure truth and tender care,
who earth and heav'n commands.
Who points the clouds their course,
whom winds and seas obey,
He shall direct your wandering feet,
He shall prepare your way.

Give to the winds your fears,
hope, and be undismayed.
God hears your sighs and counts your tears,
God shall lift up your head.
Through waves and clouds and storms,
he gently clears your way,
wait for his time, so shall the night
soon end in joyous day.

Still heavy is your heart,
Still sink your spirits down?
Cast off the weight, let fear depart,
and every care be gone.
He everywhere has sway,
and all things serve his might,
his every act pure blessing is,
his path unsullied light.

Far, far above your thought,
his counsel shall appear,
when fully he the work has wrought,
that caused your needless fear.
Leave to his sovereign will
to choose and to command,
with wonder filled, you then shall know
how wise, how strong his hand.